Sunrise Nursery

At Sunrise Nursery we treat each baby as an individual.   Each child's routine is important to us and they can sleep and eat whenever they need to. We will follow your child’s own feeding and sleeping routine so that from an early age they can develop a relationship of trust and confidence with their carers.  


Young babies learn through their senses. Sounds, smells, physical contact, singing, games and talking to your baby are all vital in encouraging physical skills such as crawling, standing and walking. Enjoying early games such as peek-a-boo, clapping and finding hidden objects will be part of your child’s daily play. They will also have one to one interaction with staff and other children.


We have lots of fun and exciting toys which we change around regularly but we always have our cosy corner and plenty of books around!  We join up with the older children for singing and often join them outside in the garden.  We go for walks onto The Millennium Green, which is right behind us, and we love to see the ducks on the pond.  Our babies love listening to music and we have a wide selection to choose from, including nursery rhymes, classical music, pop, jazz and folk tunes. We love a good boogie and often the babies join in too!


Our baby room is a place we like to call a home from home. We have lots of cuddles and there is always time for a sit on somebody's lap for a story or two. We love to sing and make lots of noise with all our musical instruments. We love getting messy playing with paint, sand and water and we get very excited when the room is suddenly filled with bubbles.


Our room is a place where we can explore so many new things. We have tunnels to crawl through, soft play to climb on and whilst we are very little, we have tiny playmats and Jumperoos to bounce about in!  


We wholly understand that leaving your precious baby with us will be a daunting prospect. However, we work hard to reassure you as to the quality and consistency of care your baby will receive. All the Baby room staff are parents themselves, having children ranging from 6 months to 40 years old! We will strive to give your baby the care we would wish for our own children and grand children. Please read the comments from our current parents who have been through the same difficulty and please speak to us for reassurance.


Welcome to the Baby Room

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