Sunrise Nursery


At Sunrise Nursery we will neither promote nor discourage the use of dummies for our babies under the age of 24 months.


We will begin to monitor their use for our Toddlers bearing in mind how they are used at home. We will not offer a dummy to a child in order to keep them quiet or with a view to making our job easier.


We will discuss this policy with any parents who bring a dummy to nursery for their toddler’s use. We will explain how important it is to encourage children to use all their facial muscles, whilst practicing language and other forms of communication, at this stage of development.


We will explain that at nursery we are more easily able to distract and help their child drop the habit.


We will as always, be sensitive to parents needs and will not try to drop the dummy overnight. This will be done gradually and with consideration to the child’s needs and will be carried out with kindness and consistence.


However, parents are their child’s first carer and if any parent wishes us to adopt a different approach the wishes of the parents will be accommodated.