Sunrise Nursery

Fran Marriott has overall responsibility for the fire drill and evacuation procedures.  


Each room will take it in turns to call a fire drill. This ensures that each drill is called at a slightly different time of the day and not always for the convenience of one particular person or room. These drills will be carried out and recorded for the whole nursery each term.


The Manager will keep a record of all fire drills and the staff who were present, as well as the length of time it took to evacuate the whole building.  Any mistakes made will be recorded and each drill will be evaluated to ensure the safe removal of all staff and children.  After each drill the staff will be asked fire safety questions to reinforce their knowledge of fire safety and accident procedures.  A copy of these records will be kept in the Manager's office.


Daily Registers:  An accurate record of all staff and children present in the building must be kept at all times and children and staff must be marked in and out on arrival and departure. An accurate record of visitors must be kept in the visitor’s book.  These records must be taken outside along with the register and emergency contacts list in the event of a fire.


Fire Drill Procedure:  On discovering a fire

1. CALMLY raise the alarm by blowing the fire whistle if needed. However, the smoke alarms should respond quickly to any smoke detected.

2. Consider using the fire blanket if the blaze is in its early stage and not a danger to you. Consider using the fire hydrants under the same circumstances. Your safety and the safety of the children is paramount.

3.     Evacuate the building. Using the nearest exit lead the children out to assemble on the tennis court.

4.     Close all doors and windows behind you.


The supervisors must:

1.     Pick up the children’s register, emergency contacts list and a mobile phone.

2.    Check that all children are accounted for before leaving your room. All doors are fire doors and there should be time to ensure the safety of all the children. Once at a safe distance from the building - check the children against the register.

3.   Account for all adults.

4.   Lead everyone onto the tennis court.


The Managing Director or the Manager must:

5.   Telephone emergency services: dial 999 and ask for the fire service. Or press the fire button on the fire alarm keypad by the toddlers front door. Follow this up with a call to 999.

6.   Check all rooms, toilets, corners, etc ensuring their own safety.

7.   Account for all children and adults on the tennis court.

8.   Evacuate the nursery to John Blandy School if neccesary and contact all parents.

If the Managing Director and the Manager are not in the building, staff must use the staff heirachy list to ensure that someone is responsible for these duties to be  carried out.


Staff must not:

1.  Try to collect personal belongings on evacuating the building.

2.  Attempt to go back in and fight the fire.


Fire checklist:  It is the responsibility of the room supervisors to check that in their room, the following are in good repair, in their correct places and readily usable: fire exits, fire blankets, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers.


All fire extinguishers are checked annually by Prestige Fire Protection. The smoke alarms are regularly checked by the Manager.  All extinguishers and alarms are replaced whenever necessary.




Fire Safety