Sunrise Nursery

At Sunrise Nursery we firmly believe that healthy bodies are crucial to allow children to mature to their highest potential in all areas of development. We join in with NDNA's annual campaign 'Healthy Body Happy Me'  and regularly involve our children in making healthy choices and to explore and discover all their senses. We sing and read stories about fruit and vegetables to encourage children to try different tastes and textures and to promote an active lifestyle.


We encourage physical activities both inside and outside, whatever the weather.  We spend a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air where children will run around, explore, jump, climb, learn about their world and lap up their share of vitamin D!  We take our children on walks to the Green and the ‘Dark Forest’, for fun, but also to experience the changing seasons and to exercise their eyes.  Research shows that looking far into the distance in childhood strengthens the muscles of the eye leading to healthier eyes.  We encourage our children to wear hats in the sunshine and we always cover them with sunscreen, which we provide, during hot and sunny weather.


We allow the children time to sleep when they feel tired, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Plus in every room we have a quiet corner for some 'down' time, a little rest or a story or two. There is ALWAYS time for a cuddle and the staff often have a child on their lap whenever they sit down!


We offer fresh filtered drinking water at all times and encourage the older children to help themselves whenever they wish. We offer milk at morning snack as well as fruit and some carbohydrate.


Once your child is in the baby toddler room and beyond, they will often be involved in cooking their own snack. This may be potato and cheese pasties, vegetable quiche, little pizzas, tuna cakes, jacket potatoes or similar. These delights will be accompanied by a variety of salads. In this way the children easily make the connection between cooking something and enjoying the pleasure of eating! On the days the children haven’t cooked our chef will prepare savoury sandwiches, wraps or pittas with a small salad.


Our lunch menus are carefully chosen to offer the best start to young children. In our main dishes we generally use a third meat or fish, a third pulses and a third vegetables. All our meals are ‘home’ cooked on the premises by our chef Lisa, and we are very careful about fat and sugar. We do not use salt, we prefer to season with herbs and spices. Most of our puddings, apart from yogurt, are homemade. We have a wide variety of dishes all selected to provide a wholesome and balanced diet which the children will enjoy.


Our staff sit at the table at all mealtimes and eat the same food as our children. In this way we make eating a very sociable occasion where we are able to encourage good table manners, extend the children’s conversation and encourage enjoyment of food.


We happily cater for all dietary needs and currently have children who are dairy free, wheat free and egg free.  We make these individual meals look very similar to the food the rest of the children are eating.  Please contact us if you wish to discus how we can accomodate your child's specific dietary requirements.


All staff who handle food have an up-to-date Food Safety in Catering qualification.





Healthy Bodies

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