Sunrise Nursery

At our After-school and Holiday Club we are very lucky to have own Log Cabin and lots of outside space. We have our own tennis court and we back onto the Millennium Green, a football field, and some woods. We play tennis, badminton, basketball, cricket, football and table tennis. We have lots of construction toys, books, art and craft, dressing up, games and role play items. We have a piano and microphone and we sing, dance and play ‘Sunrise has talent’, ' The Sunfactor' and ‘Sunrise chef’ amongst other shows. We entertain the pre-school with our gorgeous Fashion shows and hilarious Circus shows!  We make lots of dens; inside, outside and in the woods. We enjoy cooking tasty things to eat for lunch or tea which we love to eat outside whenever the weather allows.


We have time to chill out, chat with our friends or play depending on our mood on the day.  During the holidays we organise lots of planned activities to reflect what the children like to do. We have lots of seasonal fun such as scaring ourselves at hallowe'en, rolling eggs downhill at Easter and making lights for Diwali. We have football training every Thursday afternoon with 2 professional coaches.



We have 2, 8 seater ‘disco’ buses which collect us from John Blandy school if it rains. Otherwise we walk to Sunrise through the Millennium Green. We have a delicious afternoon tea at 4pm. Staff and children all sit up together and the children make their own sandwiches or wraps.  After tea we do what we want, taking suggestions from the staff or making our own fun.


We enjoy playing football, climbing on the climbing frame doing arts and crafts and playing in the woods.





Welcome to the Out of School Club

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