Sunrise Nursery

Sunrise Nursery is committed to placing the best interests of children’s welfare, care and development at the centre of all staffing matters.


Qualifications, Experience and Safety Checks

The Manager and all staff (including students and volunteers) will be suitably qualified, have relevant experience and have undergone full Criminal Records Bureau checks.


Sunrise Nursery will not employ staff or volunteers that have been convicted of an offence or have been the subject of an order that disqualifies them from registration under regulations made under schedule 9A of the Children’s Act 1989.  Enhanced Criminal Record checks will be regularly updated.  No person who has not received full Criminal Records Bureau checks, but who is on the premises (such as a member of staff awaiting registration clearance) will be left alone with a child.


Standards of Behaviour

No smoking, alcohol or drug use is allowed on Sunrise Nursery’s premises.  No bullying, swearing, harassment or victimisation will be tolerated on Sunrise Nursery’s premises.  Offensive behaviour such as sexist or racist language or harassment will not be tolerated.  All staff are expected to treat everyone respectfully at all times and inappropriate behaviour will lead to disciplinary action.


Staff to Children Ratios

Sunrise Nursery is conscious of the importance of maintaining adequate staff to child ratios, ensuring that children are cared for safely and given adequate attention and support.  In all cases the minimum staffing ratio will be:


Children aged 3 months to 2 years 1:3

Children aged 2 years        1:4

Children aged 3 years to 5 years        1:8


The Manager will ensure that there are always at least two members of staff on duty at the premises at any given time. Please see our Late Collection policy for requirements after we close at 6pm.


Allegations against Staff

All staff are advised to minimise time spent alone with children and be aware of the potential risks in doing so (for further details refer to the Safe Guarding Children policy).


If an allegation of abuse has been made against a member of staff, the manager will follow the procedures of the Safeguarding Children policy.

If an allegation of abuse is made against the manager, then the deputy manager will follow the procedures of the Safeguarding Children policy


Staff working with their own children

We believe our staff should remain neutral and treat all children with the same concern.  This is why we feel it is inappropriate for staff to care for their own children whilst working in the nursery.